Saturday, June 16, 2012

Father's Day Gifts

I spent the entire morning making Father's Day gifts. Well, actually, only one thing was a gift for my husband and the other two things were more of a tribute to him.

This is the basket of goodies I made for the hubby. I bought a black metal bin on clearance at Target and put socks, underwear, K-cups, Clif Bars and razor blade refills (those darn things are so expensive!) in it. On the bin itself I cut the vinyl word "Daddy" on my Silhouette (shape "Daddy title" from the online store) and adhered it to the bin. THAT was the easy gift!! I think he'll love it!

A few days ago I saw a post on the Silhouette blog for the cutest darn heat transfer t-shirt for a daughter to wear to honor her daddy on Father's Day. Being that I have two daughters I thought this was a super idea...hence the tribute project. This was not as easy as I thought it would be. First of all, I was using dark printable heat transfer and the tutorial is for light -- two TOTALLY different things. I know...strange. One you mirror image and the other you don't. I didn't actually screw that part up but I did have to think about it a little harder! Second, intricate designs are NOT compatible with dark printable heat transfer. Well, maybe for some people they are, but I am not one of those people! So I modified my image somewhat. If you are looking to do the same type of project, follow the tutorial but DON'T mirror the image. Aside from that, I pretty much did the same thing for my t-shirts. The design is from the Silhouette online store - "dad heart frame" - and I cut away the more intricate part of the design and this was the end result.

The kids love them and I think he will be so happy when he sees the girls in their shirts!
Happy Father's Day! :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

I'm Baaacccckkkk! And I have a new Silhouette project to share!

My last day of school was Wednesday! Words cannot express the happiness I feel about not having to work for the next 9 weeks!! My summer list is usually out closets, cleaning out cabinets, touching up painting in the house, etc...but I have lots of time to just chill out and recharge.  I really need it after this school year!! I am really looking forward to cooking and baking and creating. And of course going to the beach, going to to the water park, going to the movies and bowling. Life is good!

It has been baby central at work this year. I think 7 teachers had or will have babies at some point over this last year. Despite my end-of-year craziness, I was able to make something special for one young lady who is due at the end of July. I LOVE the cute little onsies I have seen on Pinterest. I made some of the ideas my own for this gift. All of them were cut on my Silhouette. I know the picture doesn't show the colors that well (it was 10:00 at night) but they are green, blue and black designs. I am so pleased with how they turned out! The first onesie is just two fonts cut on my machine -- Arial and Baby Huffy -- cut on blue and green flocked heat transfer from Expressions Vinyl. The second is the design "assorted moustache set" from the Silhouette online store, cut on regular black heat transfer also from Expressions Vinyl, and the third is the design "neck ties," cut on green flocked heat transfer. She loved them! :)

So I packaged them up into a little gift basket with a few other necessities and Wa-La...

Have a great Friday!!